When you think or ponder about something you don't have any original thoughts of your own. You have thoughts seeded by existing people and your own experience with the world, and what you are doing is performing a compatibility operation on the matrix of information. Your brain filters out the garbage and derives a list of possibilities that are better, more articulated version of the thought that you started with.

Lets focus on the garbage your brain filtered out while processing. "Garbage" here means the ideas that your brain thought weren't important, this makes the term "Garbage" relative to you and your experience with it. It might be critically important for someone else. It's mostly referred to as having a bias. Why do we have that?

The purpose of any conscious life-form boils down to the singular concept of existence. Survival. Though, we no longer have to be worried about carnivores appearing out of the blue and eating us. But back in the days we did have to filter information and focus on Fight or Flight options fast.

We are in a much more complex world today. We fixed everything that could harm us in-short terms but our brains struggles and is not very efficient when the threats are long-term i.e in the distant future. Look around you, Why do people smoke? Why we never acted on climate change. Look within yourself, there are probably a few ticking time-bombs waiting to be diffused. When there is no immediate threat we indulge in desires and wants and this is where we are wrong. We put our wants before our needs of the future. Which is a right thing to do if we don't end up falsely anticipating the distance.

People who don't understand this are more prone to make a biased decision and move forward with their version of reality which would be different form actual reality. They'd never know that they were wrong. It doesn't mean they are doomed by default. It just translates to how well they are prepared to hit the facts and uncertainties, and correct their course quickly. The faster, the better. No mortal can comprehend everything at once. Then how do you counter it?

Chain Questioning

You ask questions without answering them and linking them to each other and understanding how they effect collectively. For example. Why are you working on something? Will it effect someone? who will be getting effected? Where are they now? What is their life like? How important is it to them? How long is it going to stay important for them? What happens if its important to them? What happens if its not important to them? Think as a third person. Thinking as a third person will automatically put you as a moderator in your head that will always be waiting to ask about the other side of the story. Reverse engineer, Start backwards.

Stay behind yourself

A person walking behind you might not fall into the same pit you did. Don't lead, stay behind the pack, observe and devise logic. Understanding your biases and your limited exposure on things. You can be a little better than a few in fixing your biases but you'll never be completely be free of them. Minimize the blind spot by communicating with others because even if you always stay behind yourself. You'll never be the last person in the queue. You need others to watch your back.

Butterfly effect

The concept "The flapping of a butterfly's wings can lead to a hurricane on the other side of the world". Small thing that will have big outcomes. They are very hard to find in a complex system. But once you've found them and understood them, you can hack them. Go for the small stuff that can have big impact, just make sure a system exists in the reality and not only in your head. Isolation leads to chaos.

Prepare for chaos

In actuality, the world is extremely complex. We might never be able to outrun it's complexity, there will always be things that you'll never know about. Business was great, regulation changes, market crashes. A boulder might be rolling down your way. You may or may not be able to see it coming but what will eventually matter is, how much time you had to move out of its way. Learn to act swiftly. If you survive you'll tell the tale.

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